Help with SW (slip and wrap)

Hey all,
I’m hoping I have found a sight that can help me :wall:
I had a terrible time finding a pattern for childs socks, and finally found one, so I started thinking I could figure it out…then came the heel and the SW. I tried to understand it, but putting it in to practice was another story. Does any one here know how to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My girls are waiting for socks :knitting:

I’ve never heard of SW, but if you’re making socks I suspect you are referring to the wrap and turn for the heel. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and view the video for wrap and turn.

This came from a Lion Brand Pattern:
SW (slip and wrap) Bring yarn to front of work, slip next st, turn, wrap yarn around slip st and slip same stitch back onto right hand needle. On next row, work wrapped stitch by picking up wrap and working together on st on left needle.

I watched the video earlier and it didn’t seem the same to me…similar, but maybe I’m reading more into the instructions. And yes it is the heel. I will give it another try. Thanks

I think it is pretty much the same thing. But just take each step one at a time.
Bring yarn to front of work
slip next st
wrap yarn around slip st
slip same stitch back onto right hand needle

Can you link us to the LB pattern so we can see it?

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what they’re talking about. remember ,all the wrapped sts on each end are worked on one row. you pick up the wraps when you are finished with the wrap sts at each end and usually have 1/3 wrap,1/3 plain. and 1/3 wrap. then you work off a set of wrap sts at each end until you have worked them all . You should then have a “pouch” formed for your heel. Hope this helps

Thanks for trying…I still am not figuring it out.

Here’s the link
Does the slip stitch go over the wrap to form a stitch or do you just let the loose yarn there and pick it up on the next row? Sorry I’m so confused.

I can’t stand heels with wraps, but let me see if I can help.

Say you are on the “knit” side of the heel. Knit to where you need to do the wrap. Wrap as such:

Bring yarn to the front of the work, slip the next stitch, turn the work. Now, the purl side is facing you. Bring the yarn to the front of the work again (towards you to begin purling) and slip that same stitch back onto your right needle. Then purl along to the other end. See - you’ve now successfully wrapped that stitch.

When you get to the other end, you’ll bring the yarn to the back, slip the stitch, turn the work, put the yarn in back, slip that stitch to your left needle. You’ve wrapped that stitch and are ready to knit across.

You keep going like this until you’ve wrapped all the necessary stitches and have “live” stitches in the center of your work, according to the instructions. Then you have to add them all back in working from the inside out by picking up the wraps. I’ve never been good at that end of it, but I’m sure someone else can help you with that.

Does that make sense?

OK - so then maybe it is how the pattern reads - each row your stitch count is one less before the SW so you never will get to the wrapped stitch correct? and the next part you add a stitch before you SW. Are all the stitches still on the needle as you are working this? I have a link posted to the pattern. Maybe I just need a different pattern for kids socks…

You know, I think that pattern stinks. It seems to assume that you know what you’re doing with a short row heel. If you’ve never done one before, I don’t think the instructions are clear. I’ve only done a heel with wraps from a toe-up pattern, so perhaps the instructions I gave you are incorrect. The pattern seems to say that on one row you do a wrap and on the next row you add a stitch, but it doesn’t say how.

If someone out there can explain heel these instructions I would also be interested.

Tntgrannie, if all else fails, rip out the heel and do a regular heel with a regular turn. It won’t take you any more time to do that than to try to decipher these instructions.

Thanks so much…It probably would be best to do that - thanks again

When you are doing short row heels what you are doing is first building a triangle of stitches. Think of a row of a child’s building block. First row has 10 block, second row 9 block, third row 8 blocks etc. With short row heels you never get down to 1 block, unless you want a very pointy heel.

Once you have created one side of the pocket that will be your heel you start creating the other side by reversing the pattern. As you knit/purl to the first wrapped stitch you lift the warping and knit it with the stitch.

The video section of knittinghelp has a excellent video of short row heels (about 1/2 down the page)

i must have the same pattern for socks because i messed my sock up so bad trying to do that stitch that i had to rip out the whole sock and start over and i still cant get that heel part glad i am not the only one who doesnt understand that stitch

This pattern will work if you do the SW on a knit row by bringing the yarn to front of work, slip next st, turn, bring the yarn between the needles to the purl side and slip same st back onto right hand needle and continue with the purl sts. On a purl row, bring the yarn to the knit side, slip the st, turn, put the yarn between the needles to the purl side, slip the st back to the right needle and continue with knit sts.
You’re correct that all the sts are still on the needle as you work this. And you count one st less in each row before the SW so you never get to the wrapped st from the previous row. And yes in the next part you add a stitch in each row before the SW.

I watched all kinds of videos and just couldn’t get it. This is the one that finally clicked. I love the way Liat teaches. If all else fails, forget the sock heel turn and knit these as tube socks.