Help with summer 07 knit1 "split neck tunic" pattern

hello, i’ve made the back of the tunic, with 26 stitches put on holder for back neck. i’m almost done with the front too. the pattern says to put 11 sts on a holder for left neck, and 15 sts on holder for right neck.

BUT the instructions for making the collar says i’m supposed to have 86 stitches.

26+11+15=86? help please!!!

Are you supposed to pick up stitches before you work the collar? Usually only some of the stitches are on holders and the rest need to be picked up.

thanks ingrid! i’ve finished the tunic now :-D. my first wearable project DONE!

i have another question. i used the South West Trading Company’s soysilk pheonix ribbon yarn, and most of the tunic is done in a “seafoam” pattern in which extra yarn overs are used and then dropped in the next row. the fit of the tunic is quite loose.

so the question is - should i block? and if so, how?