Help with Stripes

I am knitting a striped poncho on circular needles using 2 different colors. I am knitting in stockinette and changing colors every 4 rows. I have knit about 20 rows so far and they don’t look very good at the beginning marker. I am twisting my yarn and carrying it along. The yarn I am carrying is showing through on the right side. Are there any tips for twisting it - maybe I am doing it wrong.

You’re carrying the yarn? Do you mean along the entire row like fair isle? Or are you just carrying the yarn up the side when changing color?

Either way… knitting in the round is really a spiral so the first stitch tends to shift. Here is one way to combat this. I do this and it really looks a lot better.

I am knitting the Children’s Poncho from Knitting Pure & Simple. I am carrying the yarn that I am not using at my beginning marker by twisting it with the yarn I am currently using. I will try Jan’s suggestion. However, I forgot to mention that I have to increase at every other row by knitting in the front & back, once before my marker and once after my marker. So, when I am increasing and changing yarn color at the same time, will the method recommended by Jan still work? Thanks for your help.

Jan is addressing the jog you get when you change colors. You were saying

I guess I was answering the post from the angle that it doesn’t look good at the beginning marker. Thought it might actually be the jog, but I guess that wasn’t it. :wink: