Help with stripes

Hi -

I’m trying to make a bag and the gusset part supposed to be striped. I’m supposed to cast on 13 stitches, knit the first and second rows, pearl the third and then knit the forth and then every switch colors and repeat. First I tried to just carry the yarn from one stripe up to the next stripe. Then it was looking a little wonky because the last stiches of the colored rows and the first stitch was loose so I re-cast on and tried to weave in all of the ends as I go. This seems like it’s taking an excessive amount of time for what should be really simple… right? Right??
What is the best way to do this?

When you carry the yarn up it will look a bit lose but the further you knit the better it will look. You can do it the way you are but your right it will take more time. I would be tempted to start from this point and do it the way you were…

Hereis also a website with tips on creating a jogless stripe in the round :thumbsup:

If you are doing stripes in the round…yes you will need to do a joggles join…it does work!!! You switch colors as usual then the next round “pick up” the st below and k2tog with the new yarn…:hug:

There is good information on a couple of ways to do jogless stripes on this website.