Help with Stripes PLEASE

I am relatively new to knitting and I am knitting this striped scarf. I am knitting in straight garter stitch and changing colors from white to blue. To change colors I am dropping the old color and adding the new at the beginning of a row. At the end of my first row of color change though, I seem to have the previous color present in the new color. :frowning: What am I doing wrong here and how can I fix it?

There really isn’t anything you can do in garter stitch that I’m aware of, it will always show, unless it’s stockinette I think

I forgot to mention it needs to be on the purl side to not show on the knit side

This tutorial might help. She’s doing stockinette, it’s the ends where switch colors were concerned with here. So check this out ans see.

Thank you for replying. I was hoping to avoid doing this in stockinette. It’s a scarf and I want it to lay flat. I’m having a really tough time figuring this out. :confused:

One thing I think would help prevent this would be: when you get to the end of the row prior to changing your color, go ahead and knit your last stitch on that row using your new color, turn, and continue knitting with that same new color. (Don’t really know if that makes sense or not.)

It looks like you’re slipping the first stitch at the beginning of the row. Try knitting it on the first row of your color change, that should help! :wink: