Help with stripes in different colors

Hi guys, I have yet to try knitting in different colors, but I am working on a cozy for my new Kindle that’s done in stripes of 2 different colors. What’s the best/easiest way to join 2 colors in a stripe? The first stripe after the main color is only about 3 rows, and then you switch back to the main color. I’ve watched a couple of videos on joining colors, but they’ve seemed unnecessarily complicated to me, and for a couple of the videos, the color change was for longer than 3 rows, so I’m not sure what’s the best way to go about it.

If you are changing colors so frequently, then you should just carry the yarn along the side/edge/row change.

Finish row in 1st color. Drop color 1. Pick up color two. Twist color 2 around color 1. Knit next stitch with color 2. This can be done if you are knitting flat or in the round. Continue to twist the two colors (even when you are not changing colors for the row) each time you hit the end of the row/round and this will carry the unused color along until you need it again.

Ok, so I’ve done two rows in that technique, but I want to make sure I’m doing it right. I twisted the main color yarn (blue) around the gold yarn after I finished the first row and started the second. I’m about to start the third row now and it looks like the main color is coming out of the right side of my knitting. Is this right?

ETA: Yeah, that doesn’t look right at all, it should be coming out the back side, shouldn’t it? Did I not twist it correctly? Ugh! Time to rip out rows! :frog:

I’m not sure what the problem is…which color are you knitting next? Blue? Just bring the blue behind the yellow and start knitting with it.

I want to continue with one more row of the gold before I continued with the blue. It looks like the blue is coming out of the right side of my knitting, so if I continue with the gold, and then pick up the blue later on, there’s going to be one long strip of blue running up the right side of my knitting. Does that make sense? It almost looks like the gold strand didn’t catch the blue strand at all in the beginning so maybe I didn’t twist it right.

I continued knitting with the gold after that last picture, and this is what it looks like now.

See how the blue yarn seems to be coming out through the front like 3 rows below?

Yes, the working strand of yarn in each color should be hanging off the back of the knitting (or if you’re knitting in the round, it should be on the inside of the tube). Take a look at the videos under Advanced Techiques for two color knitting. The one for intarsia shows you how to twist the yarn when you change colors.
(And if it bothers you on this project, you might look at the video on jogless joins for stripes. It may be a technique to save to next time but it’s worth knowing about.)

Ok, I re-did those couple rows and now my yarn is coming out the inside of the tube, yay!

I am noticing though that you can sort of see the contrasting yarn on the side of the work where the join is as it’s going up the rows. See how there’s 3 little bumps of gold to the right of the blue stripe? Is this normal?

It may be that blocking or washing will even out those bumps (the blue sts will come together and hide the gold carried yarn). Also, you need not catch the carried color yarn on every row. Every other or even every 3rd is fine.