Help with strange bobble

This is my first post because every time I have a question I find the answer here without posting.

Anyway, I’ve done bobbles before, but this one has me confused. I’m making the ‘Taste of Aran Afghan’ and I’m working on the Winterberry square (in case anyone has made this before). This is how it is written exactly ‘Make bobble over next 2 sts by working [k2, turn, p2] twice, then knitting each stitch of bobble together with its corresponding st on first row of bobble.’ I get the turn part. I end up with a little strip, but then I don’t get the knitting together with corresponding st part. I would appreciate any help.


It sounds like after you knit the extra bobble rows, you put the needle back into the lowest stitch of the bobble and knit it together with the one on the needle.

I agree, here’s what I’d do: after the repeated knitting on those two stitches (which you understand), knit each stitch together with its corresponding stitch in the same column a few stitches below. If you’re not sure exactly which row, mark it when you first start knitting the bobble.
Remember that there are different ways to make bobbles, it is probably not going to create problems if you like another kind of bobble, made differently, better and substitute.