Help with stockinette - knit side keeps showing up on the inside of my hat!

Hello glorious knitters! I’ve been knitting for several years now with an every-so-slightly better than beginner knowledge, I’d say. I’m working on a hat for my roommate that I’ve made once before, no problem. The first time I made the hat, I used all the same ball of yarn, so I never had to change colors. Now, however, I’m switching from pink to white for each section. The pattern is basically knit 79 stitches for 16 rows, increase 1 for every 3 in next knit row, k1 p1 for 12 rows, k for 12 rows, decrease 2 for every 3 in next k row, k1 p1 for 12 rows, and that’s where I’m stuck (on the first row of the second k1 p1). (The pattern goes on, but I haven’t gotten to that point.) The first bout of k1 p1 went fine, with the knit side appearing on the outside as desired. However, when I try the next bout of k1 p1, the knit side is always on the inside! I’ve tried knitting the decrease row then purling the next row, purling the decrease row then knitting the next row, knitting the decrease row then knitting the next row then purling, and purling the decrease row, purling the next row, then knitting and nothing seems to work. I don’t know if it matters, but I use a different color for each section, and to change colors I just snip the end of the yarn, tie a knot, and proceed with the new color. I’m knitting with regular size 5 needles. I have no idea how to fix this, but I’d really appreciate any help!

The k1,p1 looks the same from both sides, but you can really tell with the stockinett. You’re probably knitting inside out, with your needle tips away from you. This happens a lot and to fix it just flip your work through the needles and knit with the tips closer too you. Something like this picture
Or you may have picked up your work and started going the wrong way. In circular knitting, the yarn should always be coming off your right needle when you start up again.

I will have to try that! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!