Help with stitches?

I’m a beginner at knitting, and the project I’m working on is a wristband with a red cross knitted in the centre (from the Pretty in Punk book) and the pattern goes from 6 white stiches then 5 red stitches and back to 6 white stitches in one row, but the next row has 3 white stitches then 11 red stitches then another 3 white stitches in the next row. I can’t seem to make the jump from the white to red and back to white without the red showing in the wrong place…any help is appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to the videos at the top of the page. Go all the way to the right for “advanced technics”. Scroll down to “knitting with 2 colors at the same time”, and look at both “stranding” and “intarsia” videos. That should help!

Yes, it sounds like you’ll have to work it intarsia-style.

well, yeah it is an intarsia project.
but the videos didn’t help me much.

I know what you mean. When you do the first part the yarn you need to use is right there when you need it to make the bottom of the cross but when you do the horizontal part of the cross you need the red yarn but it is not there. No one ever seems to address this issue and I have never known what you are really supposed to do but here is what I do.

On the last row before you are going to need the red where it isn’t I carry the red along when I do the white until I get past where I’m going to need the red. Like this… You have been knitting 6 white and then you do the 5 red and then 6 white. On the last row like that before you need to begin doing 3 white and then 11 red— knit your 6 white, then the 5 red and then start with the white again but after every 3 stitches or so work so that the red ends up behind the white so that it is not knit but caught up and carried along. Keep doing that until you are only 1 or 2 stitches from the far edge when you catch the red up the last time. Now turn and start back with the white for the 3 stitches and then begin your red (be sure to pick up the new color so that the yarns close any gap) which is now a little off to the right of where you need it and you can use it more easily.

Whenever the new color is not going to be where you need it, on the row before, arrange to put it where it will be needed so you can get to it. That is what I do. I know with strongly contrasting colors like red and white that a little bit may show though when you carry a color but it can’t be helped unless you decide to just use duplicate stitch and embroidery your cross on which is another viable option.

There are sites that show how to catch in the yarn to carry it along. I have one I could point you to, but it is a little complicated for a new knitter. A simple way is just to lay the yarn to be carried over the working yarn every few stitches, before you knit with the working yarn.

I hope this helps.

I am by no means an intarsia expert, but I believe that you are supposed to have a separate ‘ball’ or ‘bobbin’ of white yarn on the other side of the red cross section. That way you’ve got a white working yarn on both sides of the red cross.

Marilyn is right, you use two balls of yarn. I didn’t mention that and should have but I was counting on you watching the video as well which would explain that part.

yeah I’ve got the other ball of white wool already.

I’m going to try out your technique Marigold lol see if it works…
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: