Help with stitches

Can anyone tell me what the difference between “adding” a stitch and “increasing” a stitch? Is there even a difference? I am working on a sweater that has a V neck (been working on it for a LONG time and continue to get stuck at this part :cry: ) and the pattern calls for adding 3 stitches; the book gives an example of “adding” but it is very confusing to me…wondered if I could “increase” and have it still work the same way???

Also, the V neck pattern indicates that I have to work both sides at the same time, and since I have to work with 2 balls of yarn will both yarns come out on the same side…will one come out on the RS of the work and the other on the WS of the work???

Thanks for the help!!!

It’s difficult to answer your question without know exactly how the pattern tells you to add the 3 sts. (Or at least it’s difficult for me to answer :oops:)Does it say to “cast on” 3 additional sts?? I think that method would give you a hole in the work, potentially for buttons. Does is say to add 3 sts even across the row? That can be solved by simply knitting (or purling) in the front and back of 3 existing sts even spaced across the row. Is the addition done by lift the parallel bar from the previous row? …

If you work both sides at the same time, both sides should always be on the same side. So when you knit the left side of the V neck, make sure you knit the right side before continuing with anything concerning the left side again. Hmm… does that make sense?

thanks for the reply, the pattern insturctions for the V nech shaping are below. I am still confused by the whole V neck, but hopefully I will figure it out soon :lol:

The actual pattern reads:

Row 1 (decrease row): K25{28-31}, K2 tog TURN; add on 3 sts LOOSELY TURN; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 29{32-35} sts EACH side.

Row 2: Purl across tow within 3 sts of neck edge, K3; with second yarn, K3, purl across.

Row 3 (decrease row): Knit across to within 5 sts of neck edge, K2 tog, K3; with second yarn, K3, SSK, knit across: 28{31-34} sts EACH side.

Row 4 thru 15{15-17}: repeat rows 2 and 3, 6{6-7} times: 22{25-27} sts EACH side.

Work even until front measures same as back to shoulder shaping, ending by working a purl side row.

I think I get it … my type in [color=red]red [/color]below …

[color=red]I hope that made sense … :roll: [/color]


Thank you SO much for the time and effort you put into the post, I really appreciate it! :smiley: Your explainations are great, and very helpful. Thanks again!!!

You are totally welcome! I’m so glad it helped out. :wink:
You caught me at just the right time with your question because I just finished the V-neck portion of the sweater that I’m currently making. :smiley: