Help with stitches on holder in a cardigan please

Can anyone help me with this pattern please? When shaping the armholes on the left and right front pieces it asks for stitches to be placed on a holder. But reading through the rest of the pattern, it doesn’t tell me to remove these stitches from the holder again. Um…help?! When do I remove them from the holder?! :-S

I think I have attached an image of the pattern

You’re also shaping the neck at the same time as the armhole. The 5sts on the holder are part of the button or button hole band. They should be used again when you knit the collar on the sweater. Chech toward the end of the pattern and see if they are mentioned under Collar or under Finishing.

Ah, thank you so much. I had already read the pattern through several times and asked a friend to do so…but your advice lead me to read much more carefully in the collar section and I found where I use those stitches! :slight_smile: Thanks for your help, very grateful.