Help with stitch



Im new here i hope someone can help me.
Im going to be a nana this year with my first grandson, ive knitted baby jackets before but this is the first time ive come across a stitch that. Can not do HELP me please
It a Purl 25tog its impossible to get these stitches into a purl stitch with my kneedles.

Im on row 9 of back


I see a p15tog in row 9 which is difficult enough. If the pattern doesn’t give any hints on how to work this (check the beginning and end of the pattern) then you might try a crochet hook.


On Row 8 it says to (Kw3) 15 times. I don’t know what that means, but do u think that would somehow be incorporated into the p15tog in the next row?? Somehow make it easier??

Sorry I can’t be of more help. I’m just stating what I noticed


A lot of answers can be gleaned by popping a Google search. As I see it, KW3 means YO three times. (Knit wrap 3 times)…to be dropped on the return row…

Good stitching!