Help with stitch question

I am a newbie, I can cast-on ok. However when I get to the end of row after starting my knit row the last stitch seems really big. How can I adjust it to make it smaller. Help please!!! All other stitches look fine except the last one, what am I doing wrong? Is there video I could watch to help?

There are videos at the top of the page. You can see a start to finish demo on the knitting tips page.

I can say though that you aren’t doing anything wrong. Just ignore that loop and keep going. It has a way of working itself out. I get the same thing and my knitting looks fine.

Don’t worry about little mistakes and keep starting over either when you’re learning. Just keep knitting and you’ll watch your knitting change as you become more comfortable. :thumbsup:

Thank you very much, I watched the video u suggested and I think it will help alot.

I try to ignore that loop but it is really bugging me. It is like huge and makes everything look bad. Even after several rows it looks bad. I surely must be doing something wrong.

What cast on do you use? If you start with a slipknot put the knot on the needle so the tail (the yarn end you don’t knit with) is free so you can tighten it up.