Help with stitch pattern I'm repairing (images showing now)

Hello, I taught myself to knit (I normally crochet) to fix a brand new Christmas stocking for my cousin that her dog ruined. I was wondering if anyone knows what stitch pattern is used here to produce the look of the front and back of this ribbing. The stocking has a fair isle pattern but I don’t know if the ribbing is corrugated. Every pattern I have tried does not look the same as the back of the ribbing in the picture. Thank you!

Maybe mock fisherman’s rib? I can’t tell from your photo whether the WS is similar. In the linked video the WS is shown at the very end.

It might be easier to remove the top and redo it entirely.

Thank you for answering! I don’t think that is the stitch. Here are a couple more pictures of the ribbing stretched out some in the front and back. I just went to a yarn shop where they host knitting classes and the lady was stumped!
knit stretchknit stretch2

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GG, that’s closer than anything I could come up with. It looks like a slip stitch across the wrong side to me but I haven’t been able to duplicate it.
Are you going to replace the entire ribbing or just a small portion of it?

I was going to stitch a small portion and graft it on. I wouldn’t know how to replace the entire ribbing without ruining the sock. I’m very new to knitting.

This is the top part of the Christmas sock. I already grafted a section of stockinette where the name will be. I just have to add the name. Now I was going to work on the area of stockinette and ribbing and graft that on.socksock 2

Wow, you’re doing a terrific job, very neat. We’ll work on the rib stitch and see if someone can come up with the stitch pattern.
It looks like the ribbing is folded over the edge and then maybe tack down at the other side of the stockinette? In that case, it may not matter that the reverse side matches since it will be hidden in the hem?

Thank you! I just taught myself to knit this past week to fix it. Yes, the ribbing is folder over and tacked down. I will try to get the ribbing to look similar so it blends in with the piece. The purls look extra wide. I was just really curious how it was stitched since I can’t find it anywhere.

I just tried k1, p1 with a double wrap, across. On the WS purl into the knits from the previous row as usual; the double wrapped purls are again worked double wrapped but drop the extra wrap from the previous row. I think this might make sense to @salmonmac who could translate it into proper terms. I have to try it on smaller needles before I’m at all sure but I think it might be a way to copy the original. With the yarn and needles I just used it doesn’t show well, the needles are too big but were handy.

Wow! that’s a great fix! When you knit your own socks and need to repair holes you’ll already know how. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you for your help!

You may be on to something, GG. I can’t seem to get that double strand that runs between the purl sts on the WS.

Using a yarn over and dropping that column of sts leaves a single strand ladder. I wonder if this is some machine knitting technique?

Machine knit is a real possibility. It has an almost brioche-like quality that got me looking at fisherman’s rib. I thought it might be surface crochet or drop a column and chain it up to the top. Since the back won’t show it’s probably possible to get the WS close enough to matching. I still want to try the twice wrapped purls on smaller needles, haven’t had a chance yet.

Question for @Zora. Is this a commercially produced item or do you know that someone made it themselves? If it’s commercially produced it will be machine knit and close enough is about the best we can hope for.

I’m not sure if this commercially produced. Machine knit sounds like a good possibility. My cousins husband bought it for her. I wonder if it was commercially made and then personalized with her name. I decided to try the twisted ribbing so the rows look neat and match close. Thank you both for your help! My cousin just wanted it patched but the perfectionist in me came out, haha. I’m actually enjoying learning to knit! There are a lot of things that look better in knit than crochet…

Sounds like win-win. You’re doing wonderful work and it sounds like there could be some knitting projects ahead for you.
Kind of you to take on this repair.

I learned to knit because my grandson wanted a sweater and his chosen yarn wasn’t working well in crochet. The wonderful people here got me through a button front, hooded cardi with pockets.

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It does look commercially made to me - the knitting looks very fine and even which is common for mass-produced ‘knitted’ items. I’ve made several Christmas stockings in the past and never use yarn that fine, nor have I seen any other handmade ones similar.
Other than that, I can’t really tell you much, unfortunately, but I think the others have made good suggestions. I hope you manage to get it fixed, and I’m sure you will. The pattern looks quite pretty from what I can see!