Help with SSKP please?

Hello! I am seeing conflicting ways to do this. My pattern says to slip 2 stitches separately, knit the 3rd and then pass the 2 slipped stitches over the knitted stitch. I get that logically but when I try to knit it, it seems to tangle the thread. Can someone explain or send a video of this to me? I’m so stuck :frowning: Thank you!

Also, Pattern says

p1, yo, sskp, yo, p1

when I do the 1st yo, do I wrap the thread around 1.5 times or just let it dangle in the front since its already in the front?

You typically see that type of centered double decrease listed as s2kp or sometimes cdd. And I usually see the directions as being to slip the two stitches together. Mine never looks right when I do them separately. Comes out with a slant. I’m not sure if slipping them together will help your issue, but you might try it to keep the twist in the slipped stitches the same. Also, it’s a decrease stitch, so make sure you’re doing the slips knitwise instead of purlwise. That also makes a big difference in what you end up with.

Pictures to see the stitch steps at Twist Collective. Video at New Stitch a Day.

As to the YO, a YO isn’t a complete wrap around the need. It’s just yarn over. So for the first, you’d just bring yarn over the top of the needle from bottom to top. (If you lean to the left to look at it straight on from the tip of the needle, we’re talking going counter clockwise from 6 to about 9 or so.) Your yarn will be in the back, which is where it needs to be to do the decrease stitch.

On the second YO, you will do what feels like a complete wrap since you need to do the YO, then bring the yarn to the front for the purl stitch.

Oh wow thank you so much! You have been most helpful and I will try this tonight :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!