Help with spring lace scarf pattern

I can’t get my stitch count right for this pattern. I am making it for my 6 year old daughter so I shortened the cast on from 55 to 27. When it says yo, k2 and yo, k4; do I yarn over for every stitch or just the first ones? I don’t use a marker. Here is the pattern:
Cast on 55 at
Row 1-2 knit all
row 3 k2, place marker, k2 (YO, K1,S2KP2,K1,YO,K2) repeat until last 2 sts, place marker, k2
row 4 and all even rows k2, slip marker, purl til next marker, k2
row 5 k2, place marker, k3 (YO, S2KPS, YO, K4) repeat til you come to last repeat k3 at the end instead of k4, place marker, k2
repeat rows 3-6 ending at Row 3 or 5

It is just one yarn over each time. Remember that a yarn over does not use a stitch. A yarn over is just bringing the yarn over the needle and then to the back again. The markers are just to remind you to do the first two and the last two stitches in garter stitch.

Ok, so I yarn over before each stitch. Even the k4? I feel like that will make to many stitches.

Hi and welcome!
Twenty-seven sts should work out. This pattern has a multiple of 7 plus 6.
I don’t understand where there is a “yo, k2 and yo, k4” as you say? There’s a yo, s2kp2, yo, k4 but in that case the s2kp2 is a centered double decrease. It uses 3sts and leaves you with one stitch. The two yarn overs will compensate for the decreased sts and bring the stitch count back to 27.

Remember too that the yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. You just move the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle.

Those are the parts I was talking about. I only quoted the last part of the repeated sequence. What I’m getting confused on is row 5 seems to need more stitches then row 3. So I have to make more to complete row 5 but decrease to go back to row 3. And am I suppose to yarn over before each stitch on both row or only yarn over the first stitch and then knit the others regular.
I think I’m making this too complicated but it’s not coming together right.

Row 5 and row 3 should finish with the same number of sts. On the last repeat of the directions in parentheses, YO, S2KPS, YO, [I]K3[/I] instead of ending with K4.
On the yarn overs: only do them once as indicated. So you should yarn over before the double decrease and then again before the k4 (2 yarn overs per repeat). Each time you do the repeat there will be a double decrease and 2 yarn overs.

Ok. I think I understand. Thank you for your help.

Give it a try and if it’s still not working, come back and we can work it out.