Help with "Spring Flowers" dress

I need some help. Cause I am about to cry and pull my hair.:hair:

The pattern is Spring Flowers, (CH-17) by fiber trends. (ravelry page, fiber trends site) I am using bunny hop yarn (ravelry page, site).

I got perfect (or so it seems) gauge of 5 SPI. I made 2 modifications in the pattern (swapped out the lace motif and the waist)

I am aiming for a 20 inch round bodice. Since my dd wouldn’t let me measure her, i measured a dress that fits her, and it’s 20". Am I doing my math wrong? Shouldn’t 100 stitches = 20 inches? Is there some secret i should know about this particular stitch pattern? It’s essentially seed stitch (K1,P1 round one, then P1 K1 round two) with a round of knits in between. Can anyone offer any advice? I was hoping to get this done in time for her birthday party (April 14…:pray:)


It looks like you did the math correctly. The trick is if you did your gauge swatch in the same stitch as the “waist stitch” that you are trying to match.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I need to do a much bigger swatch and then divide down to make sure my variations are “averaged out.”

Best wishes! Little girls and party dresses are the best!

The seed stitch pattern would probably be tighter than the stockinette portion.

i measured the stockinette portion of the skirt in various places to get an average, it was always 5 SPI… the pattern says to use a worsted weight yarn with a gauge of 5 SPI. hmm…

Ingrid- i was thinking the same, i just can’t figure why it’s bigger than 20". sigh

:?? That is a bit odd.:shrug:

I think that 20 inches might be too big for a jumper style of dress on a girl her age. I just made a skirt for my friend’s daughter who is turning 4, and the waist on it was 20 inches. I think your daughter is only 2, right? That style of dress might need to be closer to her “real” body size than that of a different style of dress. Or I might be wrong and you measured a similar style of dress.
Because of the way this dress fits, I think you might need to go a little smaller.