Help with speed knitting men's crew sweater

Hello, Can someone please explain this to me?

step 8 working both sides at the same time, at neck edge, bind off 2 stitches every other row once- 9 stitches total for neck, then 1 stitch at each neck edge 3 times- 15 stiches total; 16 stiches remain for each shoulder . work even until front measure the same as the back ending with wrong side bind off

So the previous step had me bind off 5 stiches in the center. is the necks edge where I bind off the 5 center stitches? If so do I bind off as I am going away from the necks edge? I dont undrerstand how many rows I bind off 2 stitches.

You’re forming the ‘U’ shape of the neckline so the 5 sts were BO in the center. Next step is to BO 2 (instructions state to do this step once) on either side of the 5 (5+2+2=9). Then each side will be reduced by 1 st 3x. All your BOs are worked as you begin that row so the right front would be worked on RS, left front on WS.


Once you’ve worked the 5 center, then 2 @ side (2x2=4), then 1 @ side 3x (2x3=6) you’ll have BO 15 (5+4+6=15).

Does that help?


wow thanks that was amazing!