Help With Socks

I have just started knitting socks!! I will say it has been difficult but fun!! I have knitted the toe section several times and am really HATING this part of the project (I drop stitches and have had to pull out several rows to find the error). Other than putting in a “Life line” in a contrasting color…what does anyone have for suggestions. I was doing a wedge toe, but am thinking of doing a different toe shaping. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You might try a more rounded shaping. I think it makes the sock toe look better. This would be:
Round 1: k2, k2 together all around.
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: K1, k2tog all around
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: K2 together all around.

This shaping is about 1/2 an inch so you’ll have to make adjustments in the foot length accordingly. An easy way is to try the sock on. Knit straight until the sock covers your toes without any skin showing, then begin the shaping. If you have an odd stitch at the end of the round, just knit it as a single stitch. You do this until you’re down to ten stitches or so. You can do a kitchener stitch or draw them through the loops tightly and fasten off. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I don’t know what yarn, needles, or cast on stitches you’re using. Try it. If you don’t like it, you can always rip it out and do something else.

Thanks!! I will try that. I casted on 72 stitches. I am using Patton’s Kroy Socks Stripes! I will let you know how this works out!!:hug:

I do this same shaping with the tops of mittens. I knit straight until it covers the top of my middle finger, the longest digit, then begin the shaping. This gives you a little wiggle room and seems to work out just right every time.

If you’re knitting socks for someone else, here’s a handy chart. It gives proper measurements based on a person’s shoe size.

I’ve found that sock measurements which are given are merely guidelines. They seem to be a little on the short side. I generally add 1/2 inch to them. When you’re knitting socks for babies or children, they grow so fast that I’ve begun to knit tube socks rather than ones with fitted heels. Tube socks are a great option for knitting gifts for someone whose shoe size you don’t know. I knit mine toe up since there’s no seams. I just can’t get the Kitchener stitch to come out right on the toes when doing them top down.

I don’t like the provisional cast on for toe up socks. It’s a lot of extra work. You end up with holes on the sides and it’s an ugly wedge shape. Judy’s magic cast on leaves the toes looking gappy and ugly. I’ve developed my own cast on that works great for toe up socks.

A sock is a tube which is closed at one end and turned at the heel. You can use any yarn, any needle size. A pattern will tell you the total number of stitches you’ll need, like when you knit straight on the foot or cuff. It will tell you the type of yarn and needle size. You will adjust this stitch total so it’s in multiples of 4.

I use circular needles and magic loop. With a long tail cast on, I cast on 4 stitches. I divide the stitches with two on each needle. On the first round, I join the round and kfb on each of the four stitches. After this, you pull the tail as tightly as you can to close up the hole. On every round after this, I kfb on the first stitch, knit across to the last stitch, kfb. I do this on each needle. You’ll increase by four stitches each time. You keep doing this until you’ve reached the total number of stitches you need, then knit straight for the foot until you get to the heel turn. This makes a beautiful, professional looking, rounded toe with no holes.

Since I use circulars, I put half the stitches at rest on the cable and work the other half back and forth for the heel turn. I use wrap and turn. I found a great site that shows how to do this without holes. I do three wrap and turns on each side for a more rounded looking heel. After the heel turn is finished, before you join it back with the unworked stitches for the cuff, you have to pick up one or two stitches in the gap between them to eliminate a hole there. You will decrease these stitches on the next round so you’re back to your original stitch count.

I knit one or two inches (depending on if the sock is for babies, children, or adults) in straight stockinette stitch and begin the ribbing for the cuff. At the end, I use Jenny’s stretchy cast off. Hope this helps.

One of these days I should post the toe up cast on in a blog. It’s a beautiful looking toe.

It’s been a while since I’ve knitted toe up socks. I think I forgot how to do it. A better toe up sock cast on than the one I just posted is:

(using circulars and magic loop)
Cast on 4 stitches with long tail cast on. Divide stitches on circulars, 2 on each needle. Join in a round. Kfb in each stitch all around (8 sts). Pull tail tight to close up hole.
Here’s where it’s different than previous: K1, kfb, knit to last 2 stitches on needle, kfb, k1. Repeat on second needle. You’ll continue with this second row until you reach the desired number of stitches. Knit in straight stockinette until the heel turn.