Help with Socks

I am new member who by some miracle found this sight browzing! :muah: Oh I love it! I am not new to knitting, but am new to knitting socks…My Mom made socks far back as I can remember. Moms been gone years and no one here to help me learn to make socks. And I am stuck trying to figure out these directions.:waah: I am using Patons Pull up your Socks book…making the Hiking Socks for hubby in knitting worsted (heavier sock) hoping for easier to see what I am doing while learning. :wall: Here is where I am stuck.
Make Heel: Slip last 10 sts from 3rd needle and first 10 sts from first needle onto one needle for heel having contrast marker in center. Leave 20 sts on 2 needles for instep. Instep sts maybe slipped onto st holder while working heel. Break yarn. OK…duh? :whoosh:
What is a ‘contrast marker’? I do have those little ring markers but that don’t seem right thing to use?? And…the last 10 sts from 3rd needle leaves me with the ‘string’ for knitting in the middle of the 3rd and first needle slipon sts…?? I have myself so confused and themore I read the more confused I get. :passedout:
If someone could untangle me so I can get to the next step I would be so happy! :happydance:
I do have a video of a lady knitting…tried to follow what I ‘see’ but she is doing heel different than this book instructions! :shock: and I am also Deaf so I can’t hear what she is saying and depend on visual. And reading (when able to understand what I am reading) :frog:
Thanks for any help! Love these smilies!! Hope I didn’t bore ya all…:sleepy: Now gonna go in corner and…:pray:

Hi JGrup,

You’re the second knitter who has had a “break yarn” or “cut yarn” at the start of the heel. Arrggh! Knots tied in yarn in socks = serious blisters. Especially if these socks are for hiking… DON’T CUT THE YARN.

I’m going to assume that you’re knitting from the ankle down to the toes. Therefore all you have at this point is a tube. That said, here’s what I’d suggest:

Take the place where your yarn is coming from your last stitch. Count back from that place 20 stitches. These will be your heel stitches; put them all on one needle.

Take the next 10 stitches and put them on a second needle. Take the next 10 stitches and put them on a third needle. These two needles are now holding your instep.

I’d assume a contrast marker is some way of marking the center of the heel. Often I’ll use just a strand of contrasting-colored yarn from an odd ball lying elsewhere. You can just weave it between the stitches and pull it out when you no longer need it. Or you can use one of them-thar store-boughten markers, too. :wink:

Hope this helps. Whatever you do, do not tie knots in your yarn once you’ve finished with the ankle part. For hikers, blisters are very serious concerns.


Thank U Dot! Never seen knitting socks without breaking the yarn until now…your instructions and I also found a Socks 101 Video through another ladys post having problems with heel flap also…OH Im not alone! Can’t tell you how good it is to not feel alone! After I posted my post I could not find it! duh? Finally found it…so thank U! I am ‘finally’ knitting my heel flap! This is great being able to ‘not’ cut the yarn!
P.S. I’m gonna ‘hit’ my hubby! He says… 'My Grandma never had to have computer, books…etc. etc… well no doubt ‘grandma’ had her grandma or mom or someone ‘NEXT’ to her showing her hands on! OH how I wish I had someone near me who knits socks!

Thank you JGrup!! Do you know how many books and DVD’s that I have collected over the last 2 months? Tons!:blush: I just finished my first sock and it does “kind of” look like a sock :woot: I just have this obsessive need to knitt socks for some reason.

What I did to teach myself to knit was pretty much googled everything, instructions and videos. I did however find this awesome free video on . Just put in that site and search for knitting socks. Theres a series that this lady teaches you on 4 different short, but informative videos. I have learned a great deal from her. I have just started another sock, this one I am attempting to read from a pattern (which is my downfall). I wish you luck and I hope this helps. :muah:


Hi Johnna!
Thank you, yes you did help and have to go to that link (have to re read where ya said to go!) LOL
I am now starting to knit the foot of the sock! :woohoo:
Can’t believe it myself! One spot from picking up the stitches on side seems little ‘hole’ ? It seems to be working out tho…I got this far, not sure how tho? :?? Thanks again! Judy