Help with socks

I am knitting Lion Brand Magic Stripes Basic Socks and I am now working on the heel flap. here is the pattern:

Heres a picture of the first 7 rows I’ve knit. I don’t think it looks right.
Thanks for your help!! :muah:

What part of the pattern, exactly, are you stopped at?

Heel flap (worked back and forth on 28 heel sts only)
Row 1 *Slip 1, k 1; rep from *.
Row 2 *Slip 1, p 1; rep from *.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until heel flap measures 2¼" (28 rows), ending with Row 2.

I working on this part right now.

Help me please??

I think it looks okay. You’re doing ss for the 28 rows. That’s what it looks like is happening in the picture.

To me your picture looks like the way a heel flap is supposed to look.

Check out the heel Silver’s Sock Class at

That may give you a hint about whether you are doing it right or not, and what your sock should look like.

Good luck!

i have been doing slip knit across row1 and slip purl across row2, I think that I should be only slipping one st and purling the rest on row 2?

The way I’m reading the pattern, it looks like you alternate S1, K1 (or S1, P1) through the entire round/row. I don’t think you’re supposed to only slip the first stitch.

The slipped stitches at the end are going to make picking up stitches after you turn your heel much easier.

Is this your first sock? Try looking at Silver’s first tutorial. Look at the part where you’ll be picking up stitches. You’ll see how the slipped stitches (which you’re doing right now) look when you go to pick up stitches.

I can’t remember who says it here, but, “Trust the pattern.”

You’re doing great!!!

yup this is my first sock. I will take a look at that site. Thanks to everyone for your help! :muah:

It looks from the picture like you’re slipping the same stitches coming and going, causing the fabric to fold over on itself.

From the pattern, row one would be

(1) s k s k s k etc.

And then row two would be

(2) s p s p s p
(1) k s k s k s (reversed from above, because you turned the work)

So each slipped stitch should get knitted or purled on the next row.

I hope that makes sense. :??

OOH!!! I get it now! I have to rip out 17 rows now but no big deal, at least I will have it right this time! Thanks! :happydance:

No problem!