Help with socks

Hi all, hoping you can offer some help here. I am trying to follow Silver’s tutorial on the socks. I successfully cast on and divided the stitches, but then I’m having trouble going from needle to needle and where you begin the knitting. I know you start by joining the first cast on with the last, but after doing the first needle do I just keep moving in the same direction and continue with the K2P2 or do I start each needle with K2? I have went around a couple times, but when I counted again I had way too many stitches than when I started with. I’m not sure how to orient the needles and where the working yarn should be. I think I can do this, but just need some more guidance please. Hope I made sense. By the way, this is my very first project!

have you checked out the video on small diameter circular knitting for DPNs? you can see it here. if you haven’t it might help make sense. I am not sure how you are adding stitches beyond making sure when you move your yarn to the back for the knit2 you go BETWEEN the needle points not over the needle. When you go over the needle it pulls up your stitch and makes it look like you have two stitches to knit instead of just one.

brendajos, thank you! I forgot about checking here for a video. It looks like that was what I was doing. I think I’ll just start over and see what happens.