Help with socks on 2 circs

I started my first sock today!! I am knitting it on 2 circular needles, with Cat Bordhi’s book “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles”. I am really please with the progress I’ve made- I think it looks great so far, but I am stuck. I am at the point where I need to pick up gussett stitches. I don’t know if my question will make sense to anyone unless they have tried this method for socks. The pattern reads:
with the same needle knit up 11 sts in the loops along the heel flap. In the intersection of the heel flap and instep, pick up a stitch. On the next round you will knit it through the back loop (a twisted stitch), to keep a hole from appearing here later. Place a marker. Look at the other end of your needle, where the 14 heel turn stitches are patiently waiting. Transfer the distant 7 to the other needle.

If there is anyone who understands this, please let me know! I’m just not sure which end of the needle I am supposed to be using to pick up the stitches, and what I am supposed to do from there. Thanks!!


Margie, I have knit socks on two circs, but not with instructions meant for that. I actually used Silver’s tutorial and mentally converted it for two circs. Without seeing the pattern, my guess would be: the heel stitches are on one needle, yes? Use the left point of that needle to begin picking up the gusset stitches as you head clockwise around the sock.

I’m really :?? as to why she tells you to put the far 7 stitches on the other needle, as wouldn’t that divide the heel right down the middle? I don’t get it. I divided my stitches (and this took a bit of shifting after I picked up al the stitches but it was worth it) so that one needle had the (20) heel stitches and the other had the rest (32) and the decreases were at the beginning and end of that 2nd needle.

Sorry, I’ve probably confused you even more. :doh:

Thank You for the bump, Ingrid, and thanks for the reply, Julie!!

Julie, yes the heel stitches are on one needle- after I did the leg, I used one needle to do the heel flap and to turn the heel. The other needle is just hanging out up at the leg ribbing.

I used the left point of the heel needle to pick up the 11 stitches along the side of the heel flap, but then got confused when the pattern read:
“Look at the other end of your needle, where the 14 heel turn stitches are patiently waiting. Transfer the distant 7 to the other needle.”

All 25 stitches were at that point on one end of one circular needle- she makes it sound as if they shouldn’t be? Even if they should, I can’t figure out how i would transfer the distant 7 to the other needle without getting totally messed up. :??

I guess if I haven’t figured it out by tomorrow, I’ll take it to the LYS and see if anyone there knows how to do it. Thanks for trying to help!!

Here is I how do it. I have her book and it confused me too.

You now have on one needle your heel stitches and on the other the stitches for the top of the foot.

With the heel needle pick up your stitches ( usually place a marker on the needle before picking up the stitches so I know which are heel stitches and which are gusset stitches.) and then knit HALF of the heep stitches on to the same needle. Then with the other needle knit the remaining half of the stitches, and pick up the gusset stitches place your marker. You are now back to the heel stitches. You know your heel stitches because they are between your markers. Knit half onto the working needle and then the next half onto the other needle.

What you have left is half the instep, the gusset and half the heel on each needle. Your stitchmarkers will help you see where your decreases should be for your gusset.

Let me know if that makes sense or not.


Vicki, thank you so much for your reply- but I’m still confused!! Yes, I have one needle with the heel stitches on it- I used it for the heel flap and then to turn the heel. The other needle is hanging out up at the end of the ribbing for the leg. If I pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap, I then have 25 stitches total on my needle- 14 from the heel and 11 that I just picked up. Now, though, I am on a purl row- since I just “knit up” the other stitches. When you say to knit half of the heel stitches onto the same needle- do you mean the 11 that I picked up, AND 7 of the 14 original heel stitches? If so, am I wrong in having the wrong side facing at this point? Argggg!! I so want to be able to figure this out, and I just can’t seem to get it…

You should not be purling. End your heel turn on a knit row…Do not turn your work. Immediately pick up your gusset stitches. Then KNIT half of the stitches on the OTHER needle onto the heel needle. Now you have all of your heel stitches, all of your gusset stitches and half of the stitches from the top of your foot on one needle.

Switch to the other needle. KNIT the second half of the stitches from the top of the foot. Pick up the gusset and the knit half of the HEEL stitches off of the heel needle onto the needle holding the stitches for the top of the heel. What you will end up with is the sock in profile. Like on the top picture on page 5 of the “Socks sore on two circs book”

I am sorry if I am not explaining well. I wish I had a sock up to that point then I could take pictures for you but I am just starting my DH’s sock.

I FINISHED MY SOCK!!! :cheering:

Vicki, thank you so much for your help. I was still a little confused, so I took the sock, the pattern, and I printed out your posts and took it all to my LYS this morning. The wonderful woman there was not sure of it herself, but we talked our way through it. Once I made it through the gussett, I was fine. Now, I just have to try to remember how to do it again for the 2nd sock!!

YAY for you, sock looks great :happydance: :happydance: 2 socks on 2 circs is one of the methods I will be playing with when I get to my sock knitting, I am using Sheron’s Socks on 2 Circs. It’s very detailed if anyone else needs it as a reference :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You did AWESOME! It is one of those once you see it, it makes perfect sense but sounds like ancient sanscrit until! That sock is great! Love the colors!