Help with sock pattern

I´m starting this pattern:

and I need some help with the wrap and turn on the toe ( I know, I haven`t gotten very far…:aww: ) I´m not sure if I¨m supposed to be wrapping and turning one stitch more each row - leaving more unworked stitches - and that´s what will leave me 14 “live” stitches?

I´d be willing to bet that once I sleep on it tonight, it´ll all make sense tomorrow, but I´m a wee bit confused tonight.

Any one have some suggestions? :wink:


You start with 30 and with each row you wrap and turn 1 stitch so you’ll gradually be working less and less till you have 14 unworked stitches. then you will gradually increase 1 stitch at a time. You can use markers if it helps.

The pattern also says for more detailed instructions to go here -

Thanks Jan, I have those instructions printed out and right next to the pattern. So I will always have 30 stitches on the needle, but will be working less with each row until I reach 14? The markers might help…