Help with Sock pattern

Can anyone help please? I’m getting stuck on this pattern. Basically I get to the heel shaping bit (I’m knitting the smallest size, so at this point I’ve just finished the heel flap, working on 14sts.

Would anyone be kind enough to do a quick cast on of 14sts, and knit a few rows and the follow the instructions for the smallest size from Row 1 of Shape Heel, and let me know if it’s correct? By the end of row 4 I’ve worked all but one of the sts, and the shaping looks off centre. I’ll try again, but I keep having problems in patterns with short heel rows! Thanks!!

I had another go, this time I’d included all the stitches from the heel flap by the end of Row 4, and this is what it looks like…

When looking at that picture, it looks like you have succeeded in turning the heel. Now just pick up the stitches from both side of the heel flap.

(This is probably not in your instructions but it is something I always do and might be something you might want to do too. At the corner, where the picked up stitches meet the instep stitches I work the instep stich together with the picked up stich. This helps to avoid holes at the corners. It is even OK to work them together in a such way that you cause a twisted stich. A twisted stitch is more tight and will pull together better.)

It looks as though you may have misplaced a ssk2tog. It should be more to the left than it is (the red dot) and that would balance out the heel. Luckily it’s only a row or 2 back and you can tink back to it.

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