help with sock pattern

I am trying to make a sock now. I have no idea whether I can do this or not. I am attaching a shot of the first part of the pattern and my questions are these:

  1. What does “knitting through the back loops” mean?

  2. When I am changing from the first foot stitches to the gusset, do I just keep knitting? Hopefully this is all done at one time on 1 set of needles? This bothered me when it said “Go to the gusset”.

Thanks for any help on this. This is Liat Gat’s pattern.


Here’s a video for knit through the back loop. It’ll untwist the stitches on the second needle due to the cast on method.

The instructions “go to the gusset” want you to read on with that section. Yes, just keep knitting the sts that you have on the needles, making the increases that are indicated on needle one.

You can do it. If I can do it, you can do it and probably better.

Depending upon exactly how you worked the cast on you may or may not have your stitches with the leading leg in back. Just work them so they aren’t twisted. If they are twisted when you work them they’ll be tighter and really won’t damage your sock toe, just look different. (I do kfb increases so I have to untwist them.)

I’ve used Liat’s patterns. Just do as it says and you really will have done a sock! The gusset increases will be on the heel needle. So, yes, just keep on knitting in the round and doing your increases on the heel needle.

I’ve used Liat’s patterns. She also has videos on youtube for just about anything you might not be clear on. Just do as it says and you really will have done a sock!

Thank you for the video, Salmonmac. I follow videos pretty good.
And thanks, GG. I’ve started over 3 times and I’m doing pretty good this time. (I think) I’m not used to knitting with small yarn and I have big hands so it’s tricky! Also I am learning the M 1 left and right and it seems to be more difficult doing it with the magic loop. Having a hard time finding the bar.

Sock yarn and m1 increases are not on my list of favorite things. I tried a couple different increases and came to the conclusion that’s life’s to short to fight with yarn and increasing and stuck with kfb. You’ll find what works for you. That’s one of the great things about knitting: since patterns aren’t carved in stone you can modify them to suit yourself.

I thought so! I think I’d like the kfb better, too. (Now that I’ve looked it up) This video seems to be the best.

I think I’ll have better luck this way.
Thank you, GG

You’re welcome. There’s a way to do just about anything and I do love not following patterns precisely. For me the holy grail of knitting was socks. I thought I’d make one pair just to prove I could do it. That was how many pairs ago? I’m pretty sure I have at least a dozen I’ve made for myself and I’ve given away at least that many. I’m now doing a pair for the young woman who taught my grandson to swim well enough he could swim with the dolphins in Florida on a school trip. That was mighty close to a miracle! She deserves hand knit sox.

True confession: I only like Plain Jane Vanilla socks, rarely do anything fancier than rib. For me the plainer the comfier. And it’s all about the fit.

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Well now you’ve got me researching. I want the easiest sock method out there so I looked up Plain Jane Vanilla socks. How is it that the sock pattern I am trying says CO 18 sts and this Vanilla one says 64 CO? That is confusing!

This one also looks promising:

Would you mind posting the one you like or a simple one I might try? Remember I am doing the magic loop so that might make it more confusing for me. That’s the reason I am trying Liat’s pattern. Like you, I feel like if I could master socks, I have arrived!! :slight_smile:

I learned knit to fit from Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed. I decided that for myself I prefer a gusseted heel. Straight Up Socks looks to be knit to fit with a Fleegle heel which is gusseted but I came across the pattern after learning to do my socks and don’t really use a pattern anymore so I’ve just looked at it. For a faux heel flap I learned from Toe-Up Heel-Flap Socks for Magic Loop and could try to explain how to apply the heel techniques to any number of stitches. I promise that I do it but not that I can explain it clearly.

How I make my “Vanilla Socks” lost me when it said to measure. Sorry, but my brain rebels at anything requiring measuring and figuring and gauge. :unamused: That might work well for you though. I couldn’t find the My Plain Jane Vanilla Socks pattern.

I cast on for the toe and increase to fit the foot it’s for (works with any weight yarn because I don’t care about numbers) and at some point decide am I doing a gusset and start increasing at the appropriate length from the toe. I got my measurements (OK I measure some things!) from Liat’s Toe Up Heel Flap Socks and the measurements work for either the faux heel flap pattern or a Fleegle heel. For my daughter I do a short row heel and that’s trickier for me because I don’t do them as often and she’s at least as picky as I am about the fit. Do the heel and then knit the leg. So my “pattern” is: Cast on and work the toe, work the foot, do the heel, knit the leg. Always 2@time magic loop to avoid Second Sock Syndrome.

One of the best kept secrets in knitting seems to be that socks can be easy. If you can cast on, knit a tube, and turn a heel you can knit a sock. Learn knit to fit and all your socks can fit. My first pair fit and the pair I’m working on now will fit the person they’re for. Any frogging and redoing concerning fit will be because she gets to decide how snug she wants them.

I have cardboard templates of the feet I knit for and mark on them where to start heels, gussets, anything I’ll need to know next time.

My current Sox WIP awaiting a fitting.

Thanks a bunch! I am going to check all this out tonight at quiet time. I really don’t care what size they turn out to be for my first pair…the test pair!

Cast on difference: You’re doing toe up and the pattern is cuff down.

I love knitting sox but gosh, now they’re just a handy car pool lane dummy project for the most part. So much more out there to learn.

My sock is starting to look kinda like yours. There is a hole in the bottom, right?

Yea! Yours is progressing!!!

Uh…what do you mean by a hole in the bottom? The only “hole” is where the needles are attached and the top is open.

At the bottom it looks like it needs to be drawn together?

Nope. I used JMCO.

Well I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find JMCO. I know it’s a cast on but how’s it done and is there a video? I almost always have to look up the knitting acronyms. :expressionless:

Sorry, it’s Judy’s Magic Cast-On. I like this video best, she explains things in a way that works for me and shows you can wrap the stitches either way.

Somewhere along the way I got into the habit of starting with the yarn over the bottom needle. I think there was a reason I did but don’t know what it was anymore.

I had already been looking for videos and now I will check that one out. Purl Hunter has a pretty good one, too.
About the hole in the toe, I wasn’t paying attention when it said to use Judy’s Magic Cast On so this time I am just going to draw the ends together like a hat and learn the CO next time. This is just my test sock and I am doing more learning than anything else! Thank you

There are other provisional/closed cast ons. I can’t manage the Turkish cast on but other people prefer it or don’t get along with Judy’s magic cast on. Very Pink Knits has a video for a short row toe that you might want to try. I’m not crazy about her videos but she does do some good demos, usually starting about 1/2 way through. Watching her knit makes my wrist, hand, and finger hurt. :scream_cat: There’s also the figure 8 cast on, and that one I’ve used. I see no reason that a provisional cast on that is later Kitchener stitched together wouldn’t work. I’ve not tried it.

Lucy Neatby has a different way of casting on starting with a “chimney” which a tube of waste yarn. A pinhole cast on and then increase around as for the top of a hat could be used. Oh, the many ways to start a toe. Me? I’ll stick with my tried and true method for now. I tried something else new today so I’m all experimented out. lol

Wow, lots of cast on methods! I can only do long tail and crochet cast on. But I do think I’ll be able to do the Magic loop cast on after watching the video. So I’ll continue with this sock, learning as I go and then maybe I’ll do the next one right.
Thank you