Help with sock pattern please

I got my Fixation yarns from Helloknitty today. DH is a cotton freak so I have to get something almost 100% cotton for his socks. I found this pattern but it’s for women’s size 8-10. He wears size 11.5 shoes. How do I modify increase the stitches in accordingly? :??

The way I measure a foot is around the ball of the foot & then multiply it by your gauge, then subtract around 5% for snugness. I then knit until about 1.5- 2 inches short of the entire foot length, then begin the toe.

Now, for this pattern, since you have a repeating st pattern, I would suggest measuring his foot, checking your gauge & then see if it’s close to the multiples in the pattern (which are 7) for example, if his foot is 9.5 inch circumference & you have a 6 st=1 in gauge, you would then have 57, I would then just drop down to 56 bc it’s the closest # divisible by 7 (does this make sense?) then repeat the pattern 8 times around the leg & if you carry it down the instep, do it over 28 sts on the instep (4 pattern) repeats.

This chart may help, too. :thumbsup:

Funny seeing you here! :wink:

Do you remember the sock photo that I posted using the Tristan yarn? Well, I used this pattern:

I modified it making the 2x2 rib go down the entire length of the sock and DH just loves them! It’s a pretty good pattern and fairly easy to read. And, as always, I went to Silver’s sock site for help with the Kitchner stitch. You might want to just check it out. DH swears that they are “proper” socks that fit him perfectly and he now wants 8 pairs - one for each day of the week and 1 extra. :shock:

BTW… :oo: has your mailman visited you recently?

Rebecca: Thanks for the tips. I’ll write down your measuring method and keep in my reference book. :thumbsup:

Sheep-woman: I always love a little humor here and there, or I’ll die from boredom! :lol: I watched Silver’s video too, but as a knitting IDIOT, I really don’t know if the thickness of the yarn makes a difference in size so I did a search for a pattern just for this type of yarn. No, I have not seen the mailman yet. If he ever shows up, he’d better be a good looking dude :wink: - of course I look forward to getting your leftover too ! :happydance: