Help with sock on 2 circs

I have made several pair (and a few lonely single socks!) using the 2 circs, top down method (learned from Nenah’s first video). This time I am trying to do a ribbing down the sock, carrying the ribbing on the top (instep?) using the k2p2 ribbing. I am at the point of decreasing the gusset stitches, they are in Stockinette stitch and then changing to the k2p2 for the top instep. The first ribbing on the first needle goes fine, but when I pick up the 2nd needle to finish out the k2p2 pattern, I cannot get it. I need to p2, but am always ending up w/an extra stitch on the first purl and the join/ladder looks bad. I am using fixation yarn.

Anyone have advice on taking up the 2nd needle and getting a nice purl stitch? It’s probably something really dumb but I have tried so many different ways to do it and just can’t get it done w/out ending up w/an extra stitch on the first purl. Sorry this is so long, I’m trying to explain it the best I can.

Is it possible you are getting an extra stitch by an inadvertent yarn over as you’re switching needles?

When I am knitting in the round I generally try very hard
to not have the second needle begin with a purl st. For
some reason I always end with a messy changeover if that
happens so I would either put the 2 purl sts onto the
first needle or slip the last 2 knit sts onto the second
needle, or I suppose even just moving one of the knit sts
over to the second needle would work. As Kemp said, you
need to be quite careful that when you are moving the yarn
to purl on the second needle that you are not inadvertently
making a yarn over :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help - now that I’ve read to keep away from starting w/a purl I’m getting it right. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had trouble w/this, and now that I’ve fixed it, seems obvious to me, but it wasn’t and was about to drive me crazy. I’m so glad I asked for help!