Help with slippers

I am hoping someone can give me a helping tip. I am knitting wool slippers that will be felted when done. The pattern is Felted Slippers on page 60 in Patons Next Steps Four Socks and Slippers book# 500861DD. I hope to find someone who is familiar with this manner of making slippers. They are a bit different than socks.

It starts out with knitting the heel as a three sided triangle -beginning with 5 stitches and increasing until there are 21 across. This is where I get hung up.

Each side is made from a chain from the increased stiches. I am to pick up 19 stitches along the right and left sides. I cannot locate anymore than 13 stitches, but notice that at the increased stitches lie are larger than usual holes.

I wonder if I am to create 2 stitches in these holes and spread them out until I have 19 stitches on each side.

Is there anyone who can give me a hint or two? I would really be greatful!


I don’t have this particular pattern, but if you want to pick up two stitches in one hole, I believe you’ll have to pick up knitwise, bring the yarn to the front and the needle tip to the back and then pick up purlwise to get two workable stitches.

Thanks Ingrid! I’ll give it a try!

My method of closing a hole like that is to pick up 1 stitch in the hole and then another one in the stitch in the row below. Hope this helps!