Help with Slipper Socks

Hi all. I am new to knitting. I’ve tried a few simple patterns and have done very well. I have made 3 pair of just plain slipper socks for gifts. They all came out very well and I am happy with them, however, I wanted to try to make a pair with cuffs for my mom. I found a cute pattern, but the seam runs along the bottom of the foot. I think that would be uncomfortable especially if you have to stand up for a while (i.e. cooking dinner).

Is there a way to sew the socks to make the seam pretty much disappear? Or maybe you have a simple and basic pattern that I could try.

I’m using bulky yarn, one because it’s warm, and two because it knits up quick.

Thanks in advance.
This is a link to the site I found the pattern.

If you do an edge to edge seam, I don’t think there’d be a problem with a lump in the bottom.

Thank you. I will try that on a few sample pieces I have laying around. Then I will try it on the slippers I’m making for myself right now. If that works out, I’ll go back to making the pair for my mom.