Help with slip stitch


I’m working on a Thorpe hat. I am working on the wrong side and the pattern reads:

Slip 1, knit to end

I’ve done a SSK before, but I don’t understand “slip” on it’s own.

Can anyone help???


Hi, welcome.
When you slip a stitch, you move it from the left needle to the right needle without knitting it.

Thank you! So I will just move to other needle and let it sit, then start knitting on second stitch?

Yes, that’s how it would work.
If you’re knitting flat, the slipped stitch might be to make a tidier looking edge and may or may not be the best way for you to do it. Does it say to slip the first stitch of every row? Can you provide a link to your pattern? You might have to make a few more posts before you can post a link.

Here’s Thorpe on ravelry, and there’s a link to the patern there. It looks like you slip sts for the stranded pattern, it’s knit in the round.