Help with sleeves!

Hi to all,I have knitted a sweater for my daughter in a very large chunky wool homespun type yarn from the bottom up, casting on for the sleeves then decreasing for the back. Alas, don’t ask me how, but the sleeves are about 4 inches too long. I would like to be able to shorten them without re-knitting the sweater. I have “cut” knit pieces before, but not going this direction. It appears there is not a good way to keep it from unraveling. I thought about felting where I wanted the sleeve to end and then cutting it, but I thought I would ask if anyone has any better ideas. I would re-knit it,* but to be honest I don’t think this yarn can handle too much more manipulation. Thanks in advance.Peggy

You can run a lifeline through a row of stitches above where you want the sleeve to end. This will hold the stitches. Then you can cut, put the stitches on a needle and knit down–maybe ribbing so the change in direction won’t show.

Could you stitch like a steek to keep the cut edge stable? Is it bulky enough to handle a folded back hem?