Help with sleeves!

I’m making this sweater, and I’m having some problems with it. I had posted in the pattern section for some reason, but I figured its better to ask questions here.

i’ve made up to the sleeves, but I’m having some problems moving forward. Here is the section I’m not sure about:

Sew shoulder seams. Place markers 4 (4, [B][I][COLOR=red]4½,[/COLOR][/I][/B] 5) in. down from shoulder on Front and Back. From RS, pick up and k 26 (26, [B][I][COLOR=red]30[/COLOR][/I][/B], 32) sts between markers. Work in garter st (k every row) for 2 in.
[B]Dec Row:[/B] K2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog – 24 (24, [COLOR=red][I][B]28[/B][/I][/COLOR], 30) sts. Continue in garter st, rep Dec Row every 6 rows 2 (2, [I][B][COLOR=red]4[/COLOR][/B][/I], 5) times more – 20 sts. Work even until piece measures 6 (7, [COLOR=red][B][I]8[/I][/B][/COLOR], 9) in. Bind off.
[/B]Sew side and Sleeve seams.

I seamed the shoulders and placed the markers 4 1/2in down but now I’m stuck. Am I supposed to pick up 15 st on each side from the front and back then knit the sleeves and seam it in 2 places (on top and under the arm)?

Thanks for the help!

Pick up the stitches from one marker to another; this will be all the way around the top of the shoulder and you’ll have just one seam that goes on the bottom of the sleeve.

Suzeeq, you’ve saved me once again.:notworthy: Thanks for the help!