Help with sleeves

Hello all, Please help I am going out of my mind with this. This is the second time I have made a sweater and for the most part I am comfortable with everything in the pattern apart from the sleeves.

So this sweater is raglan, knit top down with the sleeves stitches on waste yarn. I’ve tried to pick up the extra stitches and always, always end up with a happy gap at the join and holes. I am not happy with it. I am wondering if I can knit the sleeves flat and then attach them. If so do I need to make any alterations to them to accommodate not being knit in the round?

This is really putting me off sweater knitting which is something I really want to do, but am struggling with so much.

Thanks for your help!

If you knit the sleeves flat or in the round, you’ll still have to graft (Kitchener stitch) them onto the shoulders. I’m not sure that will avoid a gap anyway.
Try picking up 2 or even 3sts extra at the place where you would get a gap. On the next row, dec some sts. Usually that avoids a gap or leaves only a very tiny one.

Its a gap and also looks like a ladder

Yes, I know what you mean. It’s due to the tension and separation of the sts on hold and the adjoining sts. Pick up on either side of the ladder to help close it up. Picking up in the ladder itself only makes the hole worse.