Help with sleeves on the Wonderful Wallaby sweater

I’m new to knitting sweaters and I’m having a problem with putting on the sleeves.

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Can you tell us the problem with the sleeves? Is it seaming the raglan or are the sleeves worked at the same time as the front and back?

Which version of the sweater are you making?

Well it’s the version that goes from children’s all the way up to adult if that helps. I’m making a child size. It is a raglan and I have the body done up to sleeves. I have six stitches on yarn on each of the sides waiting for sleeves and I have two sleeves with six stitches on yarn. Now is where I’m confused in the way it’s written as well my lack of knowledge as it’s my first sweater. Does that make sense? I think I’m a bit intimidated by it at this point. Haha. It’s written in a story and probably for a little bit more advanced that I. I’ve knitted socks for years and decided to give this a try.

Usually at the point where the sleeves and body are joined you begin knitting across the body, let’s say the back. Then knit across a sleeve, the front, the second sleeve and finally across the back to wherever you first started. This joins all the pieces in the round. Ignore the sets of 6 stitches of body and sleeves that are on waste yarn. You’ll join them later. You’re knitting over the main body pieces and the main sleeve stitches. The sets of 6 stitches are underarm stitches.

It’s sometimes difficult to knit over the join of the sleeves and body but this will only be true for the first couple of joining rounds. It may help to pull out a bit of cable (assuming you’re using a circular needle here) on the right hand needle. That gives you a bit of play to work the sleeve/body joins.

Good for you for venturing into something new with this sweater pattern. Each designer has his or her own way to word patterns but if you work a variety it’ll all become easier. After all, you can knit socks and that’s a stumbling block for lots of knitters!

That makes sense to me now. Thank you so much! I hope that I don’t have a problem with doing the raglan part of the sweater. I think that sometimes I’m expecting the instructions to be so difficult and so I tend overthink it and once I do figure it out it turns out to be far more simple than I originally thought, If that makes sense. :smiley:

I’m so grateful that I found this Forum! Thank you again for your help. :heart:

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You’ll should have markers at the raglans and that’s a big help in keeping the seam aligned. The yoke is actually fun to work because you’re decreasing stitches as you knit the rounds or rows.

Thanks so much!