Help with sleeve pattern (what am I doing wrong pleasee :'<)

In the pattern I’m working on there’s a part after the inc instructions that tells you to continue pattern without increasing until you’ve reached the desirable length. Could there be a similar paragraph in your pattern that you might have missed?
I think that even if it isn’t in the instructions, if the sleeve seems wide enough you should just do that.
Keep in mind though, that the Raglan shaping will add to the length as well

I’m having some trouble understanding the neckband instructions now… What exactly do I attach to what and what do I knit where? :S


Attach the raglan edges of the sleeves to the corresponding edge of the front and the back. Attach them in the order left sleeve, front, right sleeve, back. Leave the attachment of the back to the left sleeve open. Remember that left and right sleeve are designated as you would be wearing the sweater. Seam the edges together.
You have several areas on stitch holers (the sleeve tops, center front and back). Knit across the left sleeve sts as directed, pick up new sts along the side of the neck, work across the center front, pick up sts along the side of the neck and so on, following the directions.
Here’s a video for picking up sts if you need it:

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Thank you! <3
Is “side of the neck” a specific portion of the neck or just approximately something between the front and the back?

It should be the portion of the pattern between the held sts for the center front and the end of the raglan seam or the join to the held sts for the top of the raglan sleeve.

In your pattern there doesn’t seem to be any space for the side of the back neck. You go from the top of the sleeve directly to the held sts for the back neck.

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SUCCESS with the sleeve!
Still on the Hayfield pattern 7374.

Really sorry to ask again about alt rows.
am on the shaping of the raglan front left. I’ve decreased to 31 st
started to work the 15 rows,

dec 1 st at the r. edge in the next row- did that

I dec 1 alt row, ----does this mean I dec on the front raglan side knit the pat to the end, knit the back side
and knit the front 1 time without the dec?? knit the back and then dec 1 st.
or dec 1 sts every row on the front

I keep second guessing myself with these alt / other rows .
My alt row would be the return row hence I am decrease every time I reach the raglan?

Decrease every other row as you are knitting the 15 rows. So you’ve worked 14 rows decreasing at the raglan edge on every row and now you will begin decreasing every other row until you get to 23sts.