Help with sleeve pattern (what am I doing wrong pleasee :'<)

I just finished knitting a sleeve for the sweater I’m working on, and there seems to be a problem even though I followed the pattern step by step… In the beginning of it I kept checking I have as many stiches as the pattern says I should, and then when it said to do the same until there are x stitches, I just calculated how many rows I need to do, marked it on paper, and stopped counting… Now after I’ve reached the raglan shaping and started decreasing, I checked to see if I have the right amount of stitches, and somehow I’m 10 stitches short! This happened to me a few times when knitting the back of the sweater, and when I didn’t understand why I just redid the last third of it a few times, and figured I just had a mistake because I watched movies while knitting… Now I wasn’t distracted by anything and it keeps happening :confused: I want to understand what I’m getting wrong about the pattern so I won’t have to keep knitting this sweater over and over…
Here is the sleeve part of the patt:

This is how I marked it on paper (it’s just the cable pattern, and the little circles in the side are how many rounds to do/how many times to knit each secrion. The squares are increases, and the ones with dots in them are the raglan shaping rounds, although I did them after I finished the first part and undid some of it)
And this is the sleeve so far
I’m supposed to be left with 58 stitches at this point, but for some reason I only have 48… Imo it does look a little narrow for the size I chose.
Any help will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance <3

Your knitting looks gorgeous. Arw you increasing at each end of the row (2sts/inc row)?
Are you making the 3rd size? It looks like it starts with 56 sts after row 3 and inc to 58 anf then to 66 and finally 78.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

This is the pattern I used:

I am knitting the third size, I forgot to mention that…
I think maybe I misunderstood the part where it says “inc 1 st at the end of every 9th[9th, 7th,7th…] row and every following 12th[10th, 8th…] row”… Now that I think about it I increased every 9th row and following 8th row… I probably forgot to mark the size for that one. But could that be such a significant change? From what I understood that means inc every time I reach row 7 and every other time I reach row 8. Is that correct?
I don’t see how it would make such a big difference if I got that part wrong of since I followed the increases with my paper to the right amount of stitches… Maybe the mistake is before that part?

Two sts inc per inc row. Inc on row 7 then rows 15,23,31 etc to 66 sts. Once you reach that inc every 10th row to 78stsv

So it means to inc every 7 rows, and not every time I knit row 7?

Only the first inc row is on the 7th row. From there on, inc every 8th row.
I often make a list of the actual row number, maybe 1-30 or whatever and next to that a column of the pattern row, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4, etc. to keep myself on track.

Wait, every 8th? 0_0 not 7th? And what about the “and every following 8th row”?
Sorry I keep asking about the same thing, I’m still confused about that :disappointed_relieved:
Does “inc every 7th row and every following 8th row” mean I need to- inc 2 rows, do 7 normal rows, and then inc 2 rows, do 7 normal rows, etc etc…?

The directions I’m looking at give the first 4 rows of the pattern with the inc on row 3. Then state :…inc 1 st at each end of 7th and every following 8th row…". That’s the second scanned page, col 1.
That would be increasing on row 7 only once, then proceeding to every 8th row. Every 8th row means to inc on a row, work 7 rows in pattern without increases, then inc on the next row. Increase only on one row not 2 rows at the beginning and at the end of that row (2sts increased per increase row).

Don’t be concerned about asking again about something. The question isn’t answered until you understand and can see a way forward.


Oh wow :open_mouth: I was completely off the whole time! And the body increases and decreases were similar to that, so that explains why the sweater seems small even though I had enough stitches in the end… I think I understand now, but I might have to redo the entire sweater… :disappointed_relieved:
If I’ll leave it this way it’ll fit me well, but I’m knitting it for my brother, and after putting so much work into it and promising him a cable knit sweater, I want him to have it :cry: idk, maybe I should just knit slim peaces to sew to the sides to make it bigger? Or should I just start over?..

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If I’ll knit him a new one it has to be at least twice as good. I don’t want to feel like I’m giving myself his birthday present

If the sweater will fit you, why not finish it, consider it a test run and enjoy it. It’s beautifully worked. You can then knit another sweater for your brother to wear and enjoy too.
Your idea of panels down the two sides is possible to do also. You could work them in one of the panel patterns. I’ve done that for a jacket and it worked well. As long as you make the sleeve caps to fit the size of the armholes, it’ll be fine.

Yeah, you’re right… I think I’ll see what he has to say about this too
Thanks a lot for the help! <3

WOW! Reading this Q&A just made my day! I have had the same problem in understanding the instruction with a Hayfield pattern. Redid my sleeve twice, looks like I may have to redo it a 3rd time!
Very frustrating directions, love the patterns but not sure I"ll be purchasing any of them again.

Save the sweater and enjoy or gifted to someone who would enjoy it and appreciate the work. It’s a beautiful color and the workmanship is gorgeous!

I keep a binder of all the work I have completed with notes, title…Test Run Patterns :thinking:


Before I start the sleeve for the 3rd time. Working on Hayfield pattern Design 7374 Cardies
pg 18 . Paragraph after 10th row instructions.

Keeping continuity of patt as set throughout inc 1 st at each end of 5th row and every foll 6th row to 72 sts

FOR 1st, 2nd 3rd etc. I am working on 3rd size
inc 1 st at each end of every foll 8th row to 72 st

I will inc 1x on my 5th row then every 6th row I knit increase 1 st each end

I get confused with the counting of rows, RS and WS

Continue with shaping until sleeve measures 18 1/2 ( keeping in min the patt inst inc 1 st each end on row 3 of patt )

Cast off 4 sts at the beginning of next two rows 68 total of 8 . 4 and 4 . 68 st

work 4 rows, meaning I knit 4 rows and then dec 1 sts at each end total 66

next 46 rows dec 1 sts foll alt row----dec on the RS
These directions have been the most challenging thus far :confounded:

Figure out whether the odd or even numbered rows are the RS rows. Patterns often have the odd number rows as the RS but not always. Once you have that, it’s easier to visualize the increases which are usually on either RS or WS. This is most often the case but there are exceptions.
If I’m keeping track of rows, I write down the consecutive row numbers for the increases and cross them out as I work them.

Love these cardigans. Enjoy the project!

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So frustrated with this sweater and directions.

Started over, got my RS and WR sides straight, was spot on with all my st counts got to 76 st.

Cont. ed without shaping assuming this means I just continued foll the 10 row pattern, which includes 2 st inc on row 3 and no other inc working on the 3rd size.

The sleeve measure 14 1/2 inches with 80 st ??? still have 3 1/2 inches to go for length which mean more sts with row 3 inc??
This seems way off, where am I going wrong? All my previous counted sts were right,

Casting off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows when I get to the 18 1/2
after my dec with 68 ???
Not having fun :frowning:

I just want to make sure I understand the directions in your earlier post. I’ve quoted that post with my questions bolded:
"Keeping continuity of patt as set throughout inc 1 st at each end of 5th row and every foll 6th row to 72 sts
FOR 1st, 2nd 3rd etc. I am working on 3rd size
inc 1 st at each end of every foll 8th row to 72 st Should this be to 76sts?

Continue with shaping until sleeve measures 18 1/2 (Should this be without shaping?) ( keeping in min the patt inst inc 1 st each end on row 3 of patt )

Cast off 4 sts at the beginning of next two rows 68 total of 8 . 4 and 4 . 68 st (76-8=68)

work 4 rows, meaning I knit 4 rows and then dec 1 sts at each end total 66

next 46 rows dec 1 sts foll alt row----dec on the RS (Is this right, 1 stitch per decrease row x46 rows??)"

I would not continue the increase on row 3 as you work the subsequent rows. If the pattern indeed says work the rows without shaping it’s indicating no further increases. After the directions specifically for the 3rd size you have 66sts.
If there is a schematic you should be able to see the measurement for the widest part of the sleeve. Is this the measurement you have?

yes 72
working 3rd size

yes should be 76

yes without shaping, row 3 has 1 inc at the beg and end

yes 76-8=68

work 4rows dec 1 st each end of 1st row. 66 sts

yes, work 46 rows dec 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row 20 st

schematic shows 18 1/2 in

So to correct the problem i should rip back down to 76 sts , continue the pattern without the 3rd row inc that is in the pattern, till i get to 18 1/2 in , cast off 4 st beg and end 68 , knit 4 rows , dec1 st each end of the next row and every alt following row with would be the WS to get to 20.

Yes, that sounds right. What is the width of the sleeve at the widest point? Is that given in the schematic and does that come close to your measurement?

No schematic does not give the width, I have 15 1/2 inches for the width and 80 st on the needles.
Way to many stc. for where I have to end.