Help with sleeve increasing

Hello, I have started my first knitted garment- a sweater. You’ll see the pattern I’ve attached. I keep running into problems understanding how to continue the original Russian lace pattern after adding the increases. I’m finding that it doesn’t always make sense to me.

Here are some questions I have specifically.

  1. in the first row 6 of the sleeve it says to replace the first stitch with p1. I’m doing 48 stitches (so two repeats per row of the pattern). So am I doing this for the first stitch of each repeat in that row or only the first stitch in the round?

2)then in the second vertical repeat of the pattern, you increase twice in the first round of row 1, and then continue the pattern in rows 2-6 as normal. What exactly is done when you reach those increased stitches? Just knit or purl them depending on what they are?

Thank you in advance!


  1. For sleeve round 6, replace the first stitch of the round only. You can work as given in the chart for the repeat.
  2. Yes, purl or knit through the back loop on these sts.

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