Help with sleeve increases in pattern

I really need to reconsider crafting garments. LOL I can’t seem to get through a single piece without a disaster.

I have viewed the archives and I know there are several topics on this, but I have a particular question that I didn’t find addressed. I apologize if I missed it and it’s repeated.

This pattern has selvedge written in, which I have opted to do in stockinette against the pattern’s advice, but it’s the only selvedge I am even mildly proficient at seaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem I’m facing, and I have posed it to some local folks already, but would like your opinions also, if you’d be so kind, is that it calls for increases to be worked into the pattern, which is a cable rib, sort of like p2, k4, p2, k6 (for cable), p2, k4, p2. (Not sure if that’s quite exact but close enough for the question.) The last sleeves I made, I did k1fb, knit to next to last stitch, kfb, k1. It occurred to me, though, that in doing that, when the sleeves are joined, the increases will be the first “real” stitches after the seam, which I realize won’t be terribly noticeable unless you were really looking, but still bugs me, so I did some reading, and lots of folks suggest moving the increase in a few stitches, which makes total sense to me. However, that also messes me up in the pattern and that’s my real question.

You guys helped me figure out how to “grow” the sleeve pattern a few weeks ago, so I’ve got that part down. In this case, there are indeed P2s beginning and end, so to preserve pattern, I would need to add a knit on, which pretty much only gives me the option of a K1 (selvedge) m1 and m1, k1 (selvedge) at the end. After that, though, I can move up to 2 and continue with M1 or lifted or whatever I felt like, but that’s only until I’ve increased 6 stitches, and then the next stitch in pattern would be a purl, which only leaves me the choice of k1 (selvedge), m1p, and m1p, k1 (selvedge) at the end, then I would be able to move the next increased purl in one, but run into the same situation the next increase because it’s a knit in pattern, and so on and so forth.

I’m probably making more difficult than needs to be, but wasn’t sure how to say it LOL. Is there an easier method to work these into pattern and/or if I continue as set, where most of my increases are a few stitches in but some are m1s at the edge to preserve pattern, is that going to cause an issue later with the shape or anything?

Thanks a bunch!

I usually do the increases one or two sts in and usually as a knit st no matter what the pattern st. Then on the next row or the next RS row, change the st to the pattern st if possible (to a purl for example). The same for cables that are growing out of sleeve increases. Even if I have enough sts for the cable, I often wait until after the next increase to do the cable twist. That keeps the cable from pulling at the seam or being too close to the seam.