Help with Sleeve addition

I am following the pattern…but it doesn’t make sense and the results are incorrect…

Attach arms…

Work across front of body. Place an arm on spare needles. Work across one half of the arm. connecting it to the body. Work the back of the arm, then across the back of the body, connecting the arm to the back. Do not move on to the front yet: instead place the other arm on spare needles, and attach to the left side on the body in the same way the right arm was attached 108 sts. Work one round, placing markers at the four points where the arms were attached to the body sts. The sts will be tight.
Begin decreasing as a raglan… work 3 sts before 1st marker…

I have decreased to 60 sts…but it blocks the armhole… Help!!

Usually, you have the sleeve with some small number of bound off sts for the underarm and you work across [I]all[/I] the sts for the sleeve before going on to the back. This is true for flat or in the round sleeves. Your sleeves are knit in the round?
How many sts are on the fronts, the back and the sleeves? Can you give us a pattern link or name?

Maybe the Fosters?,d.cWw

here is the link for the pattern. Here is a picture…:mrgreen:

trying for another picture… 12 on the front/back…

You would knit across the front of the body (30sts) then work all 24sts of the arm, then the back (30sts), 24sts of the other arm and finally across the front.
I’m not sure why they specify “one half of the arm” and “back of the arm” because you need to work all 24sts in place at the side of the body. As they state, the first few rounds are going to be [I]very[/I] tight to knit but once you’ve gotten past them, it all works out.

If it helps, each arm is going to look like a capital letter omega, kind of O

okay…thanks!! as I typed the instructions…it sorta clicked…but really isn’t there an easier way??

It was very tight for the 12sts…24 is going to be near impossible…

I’m going to experiment with other methods…or loosen the below sts…:mrgreen:

I’ve seen this in a few other patterns and KnitPicks seem to use it. I made one KP sweater with this technique and swore I’d never do that again. Actually, it had me swearing period. It’s very tight and uncomfortable to work for the first few rounds.
I wonder if using double points on the sleeves might help?

Gave up on using this technique…it’s ridiculous!! Abusive to my hands and stitches. :noway: :noway: :wall: :wall:
Just went back and forth on the back and then the same on the front…way easier and came out great!

Thanks for the help!!:cheering: :cheering: