Help with sizing

Hi I’m new here…

I’m knitting a lace triangular wrap by James C Brett (pattern JB202) but it’s turned out smaller than the pattern states. I’ve been very bad and didn’t do a tension swatch before I started! Could I just keep knitting and increasing the stitches (to keep the triangular shape) until I get to the right size or should I start again with bigger needles?


Most of the time that works fine for that type of shawl. It kind of depends on the pattern though. Do you have a link? I know you gave the pattern number, but that’s hard to look for.

ETA: Is this it? Looks like a baby blanket in these pics.

Thanks for replying Jan. Yes that’s the right pattern (it’s the pink one I’m working on). It looks like a normal blanket in the picture but it’s triangular in shape - that’s the point of the triangle at the top. The lacy border is knitted separately.

Okay, well I would put in a lifeline at the edge where you are now and then continue in pattern to see how it works out. I think it will be fine, but the lifeline allows you to rip back to the point before you started adding increases if you decide you don’t like it.

Thanks Jan, I’ll give it a go.