Help with size needed to obtain gauge

I am going to be making a sweater!
I have a pattern for a cotton worsted weight yarn that I really like! But I want to knit it with a wool worsted weight yarn!
Anyway, my gauge is so off!!!
The pattern has US 7 for 20st=4 in!
Well, I have been swatching and I am now on a US 4 trying to get my guage!
Is it okay to be using such a small needle?

Do you like the feel and drape of the knit fabric on the size 4 needles? I usually drop down one or two needle sizes so it’s possible that that’s what you need to do.
What pattern are you following?
What ww wool are you swatching with?

I am making a top down cardigan with a cabled neckband!
I am using Soft Donegal yarn that I had bought in Ireland last year! It’s 100% merino worsted weight wool!
My last swatch was on a 5 and I got 18st=4in!
I thought it seemed really nice!
I just started the swatch on the size 4! Not enough to measure or get the feel of yet!
I just want to make sure that dropping 3 needle sizes won’t mess up the sweater at all!
(Since this is a pretty special yarn, that I won’t be able to get again!!) :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for your help!! :smile:

I think it’s fine to use any size needle that gets you the gauge you want. I’m working on a baby sweater but I knit tight so I went up a size needle from what the pattern called for. Now, instead of having a stiff sweater, it is soft and just a wee bit bigger than it would have been otherwise… which is okay because my knitting tend to make things smaller. A larger sized needle was the answer for me.

OK, well keep going with the 4 and see how the fabric works out. It may be that if you find it too stiff you can go back to the size 5 and perhaps work a smaller size of the sweater?

@TEMA, great to see you back on the forum! Whoo-who.