Help with size info Vogue pattern

Good morning. Above is the link. I really want to make this coat. I bought the pattern. I’m planning on ordering yarn today. Here’s my question.

The size info says:
“Knitted Measurements - sized for one size, small-large.”

“Finished Measurements - Bust at underarm 44”. Length from center back neck 30". Upper arm 16-1/2 inches.

So, in the pattern, you just knit the thing; no choice of size. How will I know, or better yet, what do you all think as far as this fitting me. I’m 5 feet 4 inches and 115 pounds.

Your height and weight don’t tell us much about your actual size. What’s your bust measurement - 36" or 46" or somewhere in between? If you’re on the smaller size, you probably don’t want 8 to 10" of ease, so you can go down a needle size or two.

If you’re 5’4" and 115 and have a bust of 46", then that’s pretty impressive:-). I’m going to guess you’re about a size small - medium, with a bust measurement somewhere in the neighborhood of 34". She only designed it one size because the pattern is pretty intricate and would be hard to resize. If you knit to the given gauge, you will end up with a 44" bust, and that will mean a fairly loose fit (it is a coat, so it’s supposed to go over other clothing). If you want it even looser, then use slightly bigger needles, and if tighter, use slightly smaller needles. But absolutely check the gauge before you begin! Slight differences can mean a lot of inches in the finished product!

Ah, this is interesting to me. I’m going to learn something here.

My bust is 36. My hips are 33.

So to knit it on smaller needles, I would guess, would be what I would want? But then, why would I check the gauge?


wait, I think I know why to check the gauge. Check with #10 needles that they suggest first, then decide what size to go down on the needles ?? I"m guessing.

Whenever I knit, I always have to go down one size on needles, so if I wanted this coat smaller, I’d probably be best using 8 instead of 10, not 9 instead of 10. Is that right? But then the other needles are a question, as it calls for size 8, 9, and 10 needles.

You would need to know IF you do need to go down a needle size. If you knit tight, the 10s may get you a smaller gauge than on the pattern and it may work out to 38-40" around, which might work fine for you.