help with Sirdar cardigan pattern 5379

I have recently started knitting a baby cardigan for my new great granddaughter, having not done any knitting for some time. I have mastered the pattern ok but when starting the shaping for the shoulders I am having difficulty with the instructions. Basically if I decrease the amount needed while still continuing the 12 row pattern as stated I end up with a different amount of stitches to those stated on the pattern sheet. I have gone over and over the instructions but cannot see what I am doing wrong.
Basically it is a 12 row pattern with an increase of three on the first row and a decrease of three on the sixth then the same on the next six rows. Nowhere in the 12 rows can I decrease the 8 stitches at the shoulder on the next 2 rows and end up with 35 stitches having started with 51.I am doing the second size 3-6months.
Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Welcome to the forum. Is this the pattern?

These project notes might help. My thought (and it seems to be what this knitter did) is to not work the leaf pattern at all and just use reverse stockinette for this part.

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Yes, that is the pattern I am using.
Very frustrating .I think it might be a case, as you say, of not working the leaf or loaf pattern, not sure what it will end up looking like !!!

Thank you for your advice ladies, much appreciated.

salmonmac will undoubtedly have better insight into the problem. I was lucky to find the pattern and project. Whatever you choose to do with this frustrating part of the pattern I’m sure it will be lovely.

You have it spot on, GG. That’s exactly the right thing to do as the project knitter also suggested. If you don’t think you’ll have enough rows to complete the pattern, don’t work the leaf pattern in that column. Work in the background stitch instead. It will look just fine and very professional.

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Thanks. My approach to doing things is somewhat other than most knitters so I definitely wanted you to weigh in. I hate the thought of leading someone wrong. I remember well being a brand new knitter and everything was horribly difficult. I’m so glad I found this site!

Yes I have to say I didn’t know that this forum existed. Such a great idea for help and tips for us amateur knitters.
I am sure you have been a great help to a lot of frustrated people and thank you for your generosity.

Happy Christmas to you all.


I’m hoping to see photos of your progress on this cardi. We love pictures!

Pretty pattern.
Sometimes pitting marker in helps, marking where the leaf repeat starts and ends help to keep the leaf in line with those below and also to make those decisions on when not to work the leaf due to too few stitches.
Bits of cloired yarn or thread can be knotted to make a loop marker to slid onto the needle if you don’t have markers.

Of you look on the photos above you will see an area where the leaf is missing but it doesn’t spoil the overall look.

Hope we see a pic when you’ve finished.
Enjoy the rest of this pattern.