HELP with simple knitted bodice

Im working on the simple knitted bodice from stitch diva studios:

i’m confused about something in the hip shaping.

the instructions say:

[B]Round 1: Knit, placing 4 markers 20 sts before and 20 sts after right and left side markers.[/B]
[B]Round 2: Knit to front marker, M1, sm. Knit to left front marker, sm, M1. Knit to left back marker, M1, sm. Knit to right back marker, sm, M1. Knit to end.[/B]
[B]Round 3-6: Knit[/B]
[B]Rep rounds 2-6 four more times.[/B]

Now the thing that has me confused is on round 2. i’m ok with the first time i do this but the 2nd thru 4th time around do i have to keep fixing the markers to be 20 sts before and after or do i just continue and end up having 25 sts before and after? Am I making any sense? I’ve never done a sweater with hip shaping before so i’m confused.

The stitch count is only used to [I]place[/I] the markers. After that the numbers will change between them, but you don’t have to change the place of the markers.