Help With Silver's Sock Class

I am trying to make my first toe up sock. I am using the 1 toe up sock on 2 circs tutorial from Silver, but I am using only 1 needle and Magic Looping it. That’s not my problem though. :slight_smile:

My problem is the heel. I started doing the w&t portion and I am doing something wrong. Part 1 sets up 8 wrapped sts on either end of the needle, which I think I got ok. Then, you start picking up wraps, but also double wrapping stitches. I am having trouble visualizing the wraps to choose the correct stitch to stop at, so I was just counting. The problem is, the 8th stitch from the end appeared to be the “next wrapped stitch” for several rows after I started picking up the wrapped stitches, rather than going 8, 7, 6, etc…

After ripping out the heel portion 3 times, each successive time trying to pay closer attention to the stitches, I am getting frustrated. Usually I can read my knitting just fine, and I had no (ok minimal) problems with the heel on a top down sock when I made one ages ago…

Now I am thinking about skipping the double wrapping and just using Cat Bordhi’s You Tube video instead. :frowning: Help!

Well… I think I figured it out, sort of. I checked out Silver’s tutorial for 2 socks on 1 circ, and in that one there is no double wrapping. So I followed that tutorial and did ok.

The confusing part was twofold: first, I could not figure out how to correctly pick up the wraps on the knit side. I finally realized that she is picking up the wrap, putting it on the needle, and K2TBL, not K2TOG. At least, I think that is right. That’s what I did and it seems to have come out ok.

Also, when going to pick up the wraps, I realized I was mistaking my K2TBL or P2TOG stitch when I returned to it for a wrapped stitch. It did look like it had a necklace!! So that’s why I couldn’t get beyond stitch 8.

I do have some gaps in the heel turn where maybe picking up the extra wraps would have helped. Now that I am more confident, maybe I will go back and try that on my NEXT pair of socks. :thumbsup:

I found the heel the hardest part for magic loop socks, too. Glad you figured it out!

Well, at least there was no picking up stitches! It really is very different doing toe up rather than top down. I think I like the toe up way much better now that I’m no longer confused. :slight_smile: I especially like trying the sock on! :teehee: