Help with Shrug

My sister is knitting this shrug. I’m trying to read through it so I can coach her on what she needs to do. I think I’ve altered the stitch count corectly to size it down for her. (I hope!) But there are some things I’m a little confused about.

First of all, where on the shrug does the pattern begin? I’m not sure how the construction happens and it helps me to visualize what’s going to happen as she knits.

Second, how do you make a raglan increase?

When it starts increasing for the bust, are those still raglan increases?

It says to continue increasing for the bust until front stitches number 22, but then it says to begin the ties when the shrug comes down one inch below the bust. Is this theoretically supposed to happen at the same time? Or do you hit 22 sts and work even until you get the length?

When working the neckline, it says to pick up one stitch on every RS row and knit it together with the first stitch of the garter rib. So that means you pick up a stitch from every other row? Also, it says to begin with the top of the left tie. Left tie as you look at it or as you’re wearing it?

I know that’s a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Your link is broken, can you please repost?

Sorry. Try this.

I am going to print it out and see. I would also recommend you look on Ravelry at people who have made it and email them your questions as well. :wink: