Help with shoulder shaping

Hi. I have been designing my own sweaters and making my own patterns. When I shape the sleeve after the raglan edge I decrease on both sides until it is the length I need and then bind off. Then I seam it to the armhole and the problem I am having is that where the bound off edge is attached to the armhole there are two puckers (one in front and one in back) because of the bulk of the bound off edge. How do I make it flat?

After casting off on both sides I decrease by SSK and then K2tog. I try to make it as rounded as possible but I can only go so far knitting or it will be too long. Should I decrease on right and wrong sides or two st from each end? How many stitches should I decrease down to as a general rule? Should I bind off on the purl side so the chain is inside?
Thanks for any help!

Is there anyone who can help with this question? I would love to improve on this.
Thank you!

I have often wondered whether not binding off any of the pieces would work – rather, keep the remaining stitches of each piece on hold. Seam the pieces together then put everything back on one circular needle and either do some kind of neck finishing (collar, roll neck, mock turtleneck, whatever) or simply bind off all the stitches at once?

I dunno, just a thought. It’s something I’ve yet to try out myself! :teehee:

Even easier would be to join all the pieces together at the underarms, do the raglan decreases over the yoke and finish the neck/collar/whatever. But that’s just how I’d do it…


I’m not sure if I understand so let me clarify a little more…
I knit the front and then the back completely. Then I knit the two sleeves. The problem with the puckers is when I go to seam all the pieces together. I sew the shoulder tops together and the side seams together. Then my problem is the sleeve shaping at the top where I bound off and am now trying to seam to the actual armhole. Once I finish sewing the sleeve in there is a pucker in the front and the back on the inside of the sweater where the bound off edge of the sleeve is bulkier. I’m trying to seam a squared edge into a round hole so the excess bound off edge is puckering the sweater. I hope I made sense. lol
Thanks for the suggestions.
I’ll try to post a pic of what I mean tomorrow.