Help with Short Sleeve Cardigan

Hey all. Question. If there is anyone working on the short sleeve cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 07, I am having problems with the decreases on the left front. It gets to the point where it says there should be 14 stitches left on the needle and I have 18. Does that mean I am not starting the decreases early enough. It looks like based on the instructions I am supposed to start them after completing the right slant pattern twice once and then once more for the small. Is this right or should I start the decreases as soon as I get to row 8 the first time.

I hope I worded this correctly and you understand what I am asking. Thx in advance for your help.

If you can post just the few lines in question (not a copyright problem) that might help you get some more responses. Seems like you are missing some decreases though if you are 4 stitches over. Just to make sure did you check to see if there are any pattern corrections at the Vogue website?

I made this sweater and also found myself squeezing in the decreases more often as I neared the shoulder. I ended with the correct number of stitches and the decreases are not noticeably out of line with the garment, especially after adding the front bands.
We probably should have started the decreasing sooner, but don’t sweat it.
This was my ambitious first sweater for myself. I lengthened the torso part and it looks awesome (except that the set in sleeves look a little off–my bad). Good luck.