Help with short rows frustration!

Hi. I’m fairly new to knitting - absolutely loving it and have found a new passion for life!

However… I am attempting to make the Yarnspirations Sugar Bush without a paddle sweater and have unpicked my work so many times now! I might be being ambitious as its an intermediate level but ambitious is definitely me!!!

I need help with the short row instructions as no amount of research and video watching has resolved what I need to do! I’ve learnt about japanese, german, wrap and turn short row methods but none of them match what the pattern is telling me to do…

It’s a bottom up in the round pattern. I’m making the smallest size with 136 stitches CO and have got to the shape front section. The pattern says

Shape Front: Next row: (RS). K85 Sl1P. Turn.
Next row: Sl1P. P102. Sl1. Turn.
Next row: Sl1. K97 Sl1P. Turn.
Next row: Sl1. P92 . Sl1. Turn.
Next row: Sl1. K87 Sl1P. Turn.
Next row: Sl1. P82 Sl1. Turn.
Next row: Sl1. K7 ( (you are at marked st).

I cant get my head round why you would slip purl and knit differently at the end of each row and how this is done in reality as it seems I’m just moving the stitch backwards and forwards after turning my work. Whatver I am doing (and I’ve tried various methods) doesnt take me back to the beginning marker - although I’ve counted the instructions out and they are obviously decreasing the stiches in each short row by 5 stitches each time which I would expect and should take me back to the beginning marker.

Any ideas anyone? thanks

Welcome to the forum!

Good looking sweater. A couple of knitters have mentioned the short rows problem in their notes. The problem is that the method used is a wrap and turn without the wrap which won’t close up noticeable holes. Use your favorite method for short rows (you’ve learned about some good ones already) or work a wrap on the slip stitch. You’ll then pick up the wraps on subsequent rows.

Thank you! I need to have more confidence to substitute but guess that will come with practice :+1:

Indeed it will. The more patterns you work, the easier this all becomes. Please post a photo when you finish. We love to see finished projects!

I definitely willl although it might be some time… hahaha! I still cant get the shaping to finish at the beginning marker using the german short row technique and although I just worked on the basis of ensuring the next turn was 5 stitches before the last turn, I am now thinking that the instructions for the yoke and body will all be out… I might have to park it and do a few more easier jumpers to get an idea of how to modify as I go along… but I’ll get there at some point! All good fun! Thanks for your help and encouragement.

This video is getting into the weeds on short rows but it may help with the substitution of short row techniques. Being off some number of sts may well be ok as long as the short rows are centered where you want them. You haven’t lost or gained sts by doing the short rows.